Is it the sign of times of just the sign of my time? Months into year now grows with tentacles, and is it the cause of contemporary times or the acceleration of the adulthood one has to grow into.

Because of the commonality from millennial to  millennial, within the culture and society. The problems and feelings we face all seem to stem from the same bark, rooted in the same cause. It could only be then the sprouting of the same nonsense.

In a way it could be the wind taking the seeds and blowing from one to the next we seem to all think we have now become the same apple tree and will want to grow those apples but in actual fact we should be chasing the oranges, the watermelons and maybe even the potatoes.

But the world all want apples, and it is a wonderful life to become. If you dare try something else maybe people will just think you are trying to escape from the difficulties that becoming those apples entail.


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