Be just a phase or a turning point

When you reflect back on things you learn a lot, then it’s a shot in the foot because why didn’t this come to you earlier! 🙄

While having much free time at hand staring at the computer and learning how to task yourself when nobody does, you immerse and drown in the rotting carcass of what went wrong or just life which is seemingly unraveling.

Used to be part of a system, now just barely living cos where do I go from here.


Wish feelings didn’t have to be this way, and wish things didn’t have to change. Nobody else seems to have changed, nobody else seems to be worse off than before. Not comparing but because people I used to know I don’t really know them anymore and left to guess. 

Mal de Coucou

You will still feel the pangs of hunger, a hunger that your life should be more than this social circle.

Mal de Viva Coucou 

Isn’t your life supposed to be much more than it is now, but ready yourself you are just at the foot of the hill. / But I could be coming down the hill, down the pinnacle of the anthill of experience.


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