Hiatus and musings

Hiatus; a break or interruption in continuation of some work, play etc. But it takes on more of the gap or opening where in the last many months we see that there was no post and thus the hiatus started at the last post and ends with this one. 

As you can see I like to talk in almost riddle, or rather what I perceive to be worth two reads or a tickle of the one who puzzles.


Off to the tinkle near the white seat, white door and a much too muscled push of the arm which let the wood clap out something in the silence. Yet the bleakness outside had its own tinkle tonight. A usually quiet outback has a different attitude with these peaceful calming drops that is heard louder than seen.

A youthful rhyme had spoken of a man who could probably have died as he rested for the night and beforehand asking the skies to clear up. And so we grieve. For everyday a person goes who is not supposed to go? I cannot answer that but i know that everyone was a date of expiry, and it is the worst kind of reality? A question there I ask of you because I find that it is one of the best kind of reality. I may not know what may be beyond the cease of breathe in a body but I do know that it allows the relief of all drama that shakes the heart and makes the brain reproach for not anticipating. 


But when there comes a day where the loss of another skin would mean the possible burying of something beautiful then we might spend a while to mop and cry out in agony. Or maybe a lifetime delegation of feelings we need to feel and then finally rest. in. peace. 


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