From this moment

I was happy, was. 

I was in a moment I never wanted to leave.

But Change, that thing that is so faithful. And coupled with his accomplice of Time. We go on and on and we always have to look forward. We have to. Never looking bad because it was much better then. Somehow its not a progression downwards nor a negative relationship with my satisfaction and time. It is just that when I look back, I reflect that the current is not as good as what I had in certain moments and that the moment it gone. 

Look forward to creating new ones? Well the world it filled with endless possibilities but I cannot be happy with expectations, I can only anticipate with excitement and fear. There might be a future moment I would feel triumphs all the past but still till I get there I am looking back into my past wondering WHY all these times just past me by.


Has it ever changed for the better? Well I hope from this moment it well. I could only hope. I could wish, but I hate expectations.


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