Tomorrow in bittersweet

Mixed feelings.

When I had such a long time to think about why I thought I would never go for this last time. Those insecurities come back to mix my stomach with fear and anxiety.

I swear my feelings grow from my stomach then enter the blood stream and end up in my heart and head. The mixture of feelings about tomorrow is confusing and hard to digest. It moves up to my diaphragm then down to the sink the stomach to the end of that belly.

Churning, could it be more than feelings but a stomachs brewing. I’m wishing I’ll just stop thinking and catch some sleep.

Let me start over:
This is one of the – (I hate to call it bucket list, some history there) – P21 that I had for myself to complete before that date. And it’s only apt that past the dateline I’m actually completing it.

It’s been a long time coming, but I never saw it before.

I do need to get back into that death note book.


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