Cross road

Oh why you look so sad
Tears are in your eyes

Big groups
They gross me out. I’m able to survive a jungle out there wild as it may be but being in big groups. I’m at a loss, what should I be doing in a big group of people?

Am I faking it, trying to hard to be something I naught ought to be. They say in the little you give, you will get more. Not that I’m calculating but I at least expected some bit more to get through. I guess I totally misinterpreted what they meant cos I’m even more broken then before.

How come I don’t feel people mean what they say when they are with me. Nevertheless I’ll tell them when I like their company, I’ll tell them when they make me proud when they are the best I’ll ever have. Nevertheless. Although having little repriocity makes me go down the gutters I shall only look towards the stars in the night sky.

Pride Fame Recognition
How do you suppress a feeling to me was all so human. And as I take every step I’m just bursting with a need to be brought up to the heavens with praise. But repressed it longer my dear self. And pray that it will not lead you. The more you do, the louder the devil shouts in your ear.

And I’ll never desert you
Won’t let nobody hurt you
I’ll stand by you


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