Not me please

How do I help someone when I myself need help first.

I’m not grounded at all, my head is all over the place my emotions never stable. The only thing is that all these never seem to appear in front of people or maybe over minor minor things.

And when you came to me crying for help asking me to save you from your pain, what was I supposed to do.
Not me not me not me is all my heart screamed but looking at your agony I could only be strong for you.

You can’t be strong now so I will be for you. I don’t know what else to do.
I tried to help, but as a mismatched blood type you are rejecting internally. And what am I to do but watch in helplessness for besides being strong next to you I am at lost.

I thought they were better but you seem to be relapsing. What do I do now. Tell me somebody. WHAT DO I DO NOW.


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