All’s fair in love in war

Once, the phase was popped into my essay ‘its not fair’ and out it went with a red circle.

Whats fair is subjective. Is it deserved? Is is equal? Is it right. Synonyms that don’t match up. They don’t match up at all.

In love, you may deceive it is not tolerated. But its supposed to be fair. It was. When in love – but the revelation kills it all and then suddenly its all out of the window.

In war, at the end use your fair methods, but only winner decides whats fair. The dirty lies and ugly laundry only on one side it stays fair.

Then luck, genes, weather, disaster, accidents, resources, intelligence; so many times we turn to the word of fair but its more of a resignation of fate we need to tell ourselves that is whats at play.

Affairs of the world is difficult. Affairs of the world is hard. Not everyone has the power to turn situations around and not everyone really wants to. What is going wrong, going off the tracks that was discussed.

Little? No. Theres not even anything that couldn’t be disposed of. A hundred times over will restart be chosen over continue.


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