My brain feels like it’s sinking in its own juices, gasping for some rest. I totally need some rest I feel like yesterday didn’t count at all. Sleeping on your own bed admist the noises of your sister’s quarreling is still more effective rest than on the couch. I need to take note of that. It seems super important.

Yet admist the desert of critical thinking I can still write. Write what I feel, write what my brain – was I out of my head, out of my mind – yes my brain relaxing to the music channeling through my body.

My anxiety attacks are less than helpful. Somehow I think it’s the sugar, bad sugar that enters the body in drinks.

Here they come. The beautiful ones. The beautiful ones. La la la la la.

Hate when people don’t understand me. Why. Why.

What would I do without music.

beautiful world. La la la la


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