I’d never reveal

If anybody gave me a wish, I’ll say I’ll give it a pass.

Could I really ever reach such a stage in my life? In all these years so far when was there anytime I felt fulfilled? Satisfied yes, but wishes are not satisfied – they should be fulfilled.

I know a few things my life is filled with.
Food, family and friends.
Isn’t that alright? Isn’t it good?
Nope it is not filled – even if I had a glimpse of holiness.
There is still somethings missing. Pieces of me I want to know, that I hardly see come out of me; if not I never see them at all. I want to know these parts and I want to then see how I can be somebody else other than me but still me.

The best shots I get is when I hear my favorite song. It’s all I think of when I hear. The sensualization that only exists in sleep and exits in reality.

I think I will always give that answer I have that day. Never will anyone see how fragile desperate my insides feel. Mind over matter mind over matter cos really it is mind over matter.

-end of emotions


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