I ended this term last week, exactly a week ago.

But here comes the true end in 12 hours (+3). I would officially be freed till I have to think about outcome.
Am I excited? Usually December is one of the most relaxing months but somehow at this point I really wish I could go back to November. November felt right.

8 more days to a new experience – i hate the inertia. I just hate having to go do something new, throwing myself into the fake interested start. Then slowly evolving.

15 more days to land of freedom. Well, I do hope in one month’s time when I touch back down here to reality that I have gained my 8 years of experience. all cramp into 15 days. I sure hope so. Drama or llama. I doubt so, not adventurous people i mix with. But hopefully risk seeking and fun loving enough. I want to miss and feel bad about this time as much as possible. But with expectations so high, you know that will happen. As always – the story of my life. Timing sucks forever.


-gibberish ahoy!  


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