Born to die

It really feels like total depression and ultimate disparity whenever I hear this phrase.

Yes the end point of this life, of your life, of their lives, is death. And even though I have been told that we have life after death; the fact remains that there is death. And so to a pessimist of the greatest, we are seen to have been born into this world to die.

So what is it to live; to live is the process we do to get to dying.
Every step of living is a step closer to death. 

However, yet, although; I give you the turning point. That in all of this that seems pointless – it is actually not.

We may have death – but we do not know our expiry date. That last point of life in us, in which we breathe towards fatality is not set in stone. We certainly cannot predict when we finish our process. So, this means that we were born to the process; which is to live – no matter short or long, we were definitely not born to the finish.

As humans what can make us understand this theory, would be to look at examples. Today I offer you contrary examples. Examples of people who WERE really born to die.

First up…. Jesus. The legend of the millenniums. The guy who shows you that he lives even after his death in many ways. But you see as he split history into two with his birth (sidetrack: christmas is almost here, hang in there!) (BC, AD) he was one born with an expiry date. Although I am still trying to grapple how his death means so much, it is since his birth that people knew when he would die, how he would die, where he would die and hell even what kind of clothes he died in (that it was prophesied that they divided his clothes among them [soldiers]). Can you believe that as soon as his brain gained cognition and memory that he knew what his mission was. Yes the process of Jesus, his whole life was VERY MUCH influential and necessary, but it could just have been any other prophet if not for his real mission of death. [by the cross].

Another reference is the one to Jodi Picoult’s  book; My sister’s keeper. Okay here I stretch it abit. This is infact the opposite. Born was this little girl, so that she could give life to her sister. So then you tell me, isn’t this contrary to the statement exactly of born to die where in fact this little girl was given life, if not never thought of to come. But let’s look at the end shall we, when her sister was awfully ill and needed her to risk her life – she had to. All she was ever needed for. Sad is the essence of this life of hers. Summon to death she was. and so with great imaginations and a little bit of twist in interpretation – this girl was in fact born to die.

There with these two examples – you then in contrast, you were never born to die, only to live. So do it. [easier said than done still] What is living then? Well its however you want your process to be. But thats for another time now isn’t it?

-always speaking gibberish 


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