Motto of mine

For at least 10 years I have searched for a Code to live by. One line of a thing that determines EVERYTHING you want to be.
And at different points of these 10 years – very crucial in my growth physical mental and spiritual, I held many different lines.

Stay happy. – simple and easy and young and naive

Become a recognized name. – bits of pride and fame start to set in at an early age.

Try to be humorous in everything you do. – starting to see that people like to laugh at things I say or do. I planned for it to stay that way.

Be the wildest ever. – my most failed line throughout the time I tried to follow it. I most of the time just decided I sink into wallpapers.

Don’t be lazy unless you need to. – the weirdest line I came up with? Trying to justify my life being SO uneventful till this far.

These were in chronological order and now my most recent live-by statement is:

Don’t give up waiting for the alternative when you will be sad to settle.

It is mainly because of the VERY SAD FACT that I still harbour a decision I made almost 4 years ago now, that placed in in a sad position for 1 and a half years. I could have gotten out – but I thought I couldn’t live up to the alternative. Which was also because I never gave much thought to advice and making it work. I gave up the second it got real – the moment; that split second, when your brain says go for it. And then my-whatever-part-of-the-body (soul) starts to make SO MANY excuses, you just don’t think you could have ever felt it was the right decision to make. But it was, even if you failed and came back to the start – trying was one of the most important. And that you excused yourself from even trying; is a HELL I’ll always remember. Many things could have changed if you trieeeed.

The other one is that you have been waiting and expecting the best for so long it’s not even funny. So when opportunities finally open and its the 5/6th best or maybe even only the 15th best that comes by you say – resign to fate and just settle for the next.  So you take a settle as though you feel the proposition has just made enough claims for you to want to settle than anything else.
Also we never consider ALL our options – out of box []  or on the box []  or in the box [].

And so we should always think of how we can make our outcomes better. The decisions broaden we move into a realm of patient waiting. Time should only be included when necessary though!

So I’m falling asleep sleepy sleep and I hope I stick to this motto for many reasons.

-always writing gibberish.


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