I always have the last line

You know, from a very young age the thoughts that went through my mind, the first words that I would sprout from my vocals were never recepted well by my audience. Every time I tried to respond, say a joke or even just try to show a new perspective my feeling i got that the other person heard me say was “dfpjdafl;ndg;oasd;of; kl” and so I never got anybody interested in what i was saying. And even when I asked a question. Nobody replied. Slowly and slowly I chose to just smile and laugh just smile and laugh.

But with the inception of talking on phones and facebook, I thought I could be better at this now. But no, I’m still holding the last line – as if there is no respond to what I say. But there is, there is so many. I could respond to myself but whats the use.

And since I got used to this. I got used to being alone. Unless there were some ones like my good friends. They hear me as i say “maybe your head is so big, because its just all inside your mind”.


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