stuck in the wrong body

I always wondered if i were born geographically in another  place how my life would have span out so much more differently.

Then i think if i wanted something else, why do i have to stay with the customs.
I guess I don’t want to change status quo. I didn’t always want to be another way and if i were to change now it would only be so superficial to others.

But I don’t know, why would i get judge for being my true self its just not fair.
Then again what is my true self, i change my tune faster than any song coming out korean pop.


I just wished I could pack up and leave, go to somewhere where I think I would belong. I want to belong. Its not here.

You do know I would bring you with me. My friend who has made me see what it is to make your thoughts come true without regretting it. Just don’t, don’t overpower me now. I need it here at least.


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