an intellectual or a know it all

when I was learning math, it made a lot of sense because i put it into my own words.

when i was learning Geog i could tell what was going on, because i explained it to me.

when i did history i would often find my own arguments and try to see if i could counter each one till i found i could not and made it my argument.

But when you did not give teachers what they wanted – your grades reflected.
Did that mean you knew nothing? learned nothing from class?

YEAH well probably because i never did listen in class. there was never any passion in class, i could not listen unless i was hearing stories. and so i studied from text books and told myself stories. And thats why i don’t score well at language, because it is my own. and how i interpret is different from what the english exam wanted.

in simple language, i always tried to find the easiest way to explain what i learnt, what i thought. however it is definitely not working now. as i plough through the latest econometrics I am dying. I have tried to explain it in my own words when i read through the notes. and i understood. why then did the assignment appear so foreign.

Application – i always thought i was quite good at it. but now i think my brain has depleted and all it can do is memorize. I hate it. I hate route learning. Have i mixed up application and route learning so far. I don’t know.


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