I told someone

The random one that I thought could absorb what I said and would not tell me anything else that changes my mind. I know only you could I tell.

I am weird.
Weird for believing that my life would end when I am young.
Weird that I suffer social anxieties.
Weird that I like the heart wrench from watching sad shows – one of the things that made me feel alive.
Weird that I think every other stranger could be my future that travelled backwards to tell me what to do. Because I always seem to make such wrong choices.
Weird that I can only go for ideals.
Weird that I train myself to be alone. Rely on no one else and trouble no one else.
Weird that I am awkward.
Weird that for love, be guarded that they do not make you feel less worth.
Weird that I feel I am weird and writing this.


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