Tuning back

I hate when i move so much forward and I don’t like where I am that I have to turn back. It is no longer worthy of me to stay there. And there’s no way to move forward because somewhere is there.

For example you told people you are going to Timbuktu and your perception is that it is the best time. Then your friends not coincidentally want to do a party which they dubbed as most awesome ever.
Suddenly you are not that interested in Timbuktu, Timbuktu will still be there for a while just not that easy anymore, while back home there would be the most kick ass party you have seen in a while.
Go forward with Timbuktu? or turn back and say stay – so you can go for the party. And just TOO BAD, just too too bad Timbuktu cannot be at the party.

I really want to go back. But what is there install for me? broken promises.


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