I do not always use Fuck

All was well, and I was glad I shared at the session just about 4 hours ago.

BUT NO. Life just likes to SCREW (FUCK) with me.
And so i got home and all seemed fine. Took my Vit C and chatted about bids.

Walkity walk walk up to my room and nope my sis isn’t here! yuppers to not having to accomodate. Not that I do not like her presence.

And then the disaster zone. HELLO does messy-ing up my already quite messed up table means you did something. NO. IT JUST FUCKING MEANS MY STUFF IS NOT WHERE I WANT IT. PISSED. PISSED. PISSED.

Tried to calm the shit down of me by praying for peace. But it is just SO difficult. and as I started to pray I started to laugh at myself. I felt pathetic. And I don’t know why. 

Got to get myself together. Told you this day will never end right. 


And then there is the insensitiveness in the living room. How the hell does he not go by each day without making someone angst. Maybe its because of the blood. I just do not know.


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