The power of acceptance, talking and sharing. I can never understand how it works so well.

Especially with this community, wealth in its people’s kindness for one another. But broken in how awkward humans tend to think too much.
I often feel I have one foot in which pulls my other for a joyride occasionally. But most of the time it’s in between.

Anyway I never knew how getting sent home felt like. Well not in the car sort of way, but in the walking kind of way. And not today was there any feeling of it. There nothing but baggage that someone had to take a detour. Or that I hadn’t much alone time to think about how I could continue some sort of online conversion with the G.

And the text that came after I thought it had meant more than it is. Coincidences and misunderstandings, bitch timings, be playing with me. Hell I am back to count zero.

Off to think of other things in the dark.

Trying to finish the story soon. Coming up.


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