Kid on the train

I have in my head a thousand reasons why you could be crying but none would make me approach you. My one reason of the public trumps everything.

Random kid, big sized probably in secondary but still have a sling water bottle and shorts that ride up. They say being big is not good for a girl but for a boy in his formative years and an emotional heart I doubt they get it easy too.

Here, bullying has its own demographics. Neighborhood and non neighborhood. They differ. But nonetheless kids still get bullied everyday.
It has definitely left a scar on the person who’s bullied.

He will never be like us, and knowing that; it is even worse at home. With your own not giving you comfort, it hurts. And anger more than anything has built a place in his heart, and so throughout his life he has to fight back the hotness of his heart. Luckily for good parents, who never fail to take care.

So kid, you got off two stops after I got on. For 4 minutes, just know that I considered to offer a tissue or a question of concern but my choice was privacy.


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