I lost something

Another one of those days where my body has seemed to lost it’s soul.

Half the day my soul decided to reside in my head.
My head is really tired and can hardly stay up on its own. It affects the holding up of eyelids too.
The head is only preoccupied with thinking of soul things and cannot focus with the lecture.
When the soul takes control, it puts out all light in the brain, taking off to a haunted place of self pity and negativity.
In essence my day becomes a blur of hearing my soul argue things with my brain. It is not good for anyday, and not for any public places.

Today though, the thoughts jumped from the usual topic of predicting my ‘apparent’ death to the impossibility of doing anything to let you know I like you. I cannot elaborate on how I know we cannot be but today the thought was that I lost something from liking you. And that because it might really be impossible between our near futures, I just want to waste away knowing that you will never find out I lost something from the day I liked you.

Ask me what but I won’t tell.


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