To life a toast

I could die now with no regrets because I did not build anything.
How then, would you die with no regrets. There should be more than ever.
But if you never started on anything, the feeling of sorrow and grief of not doing it, is not regret.
Its disappointment in myself. This is not regret. If you were not even involved it is not regret. So only disappointments.
And I am one.

Another word to coin would be a failure. Not one who tried and failed but one who failed by not trying. Disappointment.

There are reasons for not trying?
There are reasons to not take a plane, there are reasons to not help the sick, there are reasons to not speed. But we try to do. And even if it is dangerous, we did not shy away from a chance. It could only be disappointment if we did.

No heart strings attached to anything. Disappointment.


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